Fearless Writers Creates Self-Paced Lessons for Creative Writing

Fearless Writing features accessible lessons designed to teach children and teens creative writing skills and strategies. These self-paced lessons are convenient to use.  They provide effective ways to help your child develop an understanding and appreciation of writing as a skill for communication.

We feature four main writing categories: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Sacred Writing.  We have carefully curated sample writing texts that highlight wholesome content while displaying those skills that your child will learn in each lesson.

Developed by professional educators, these lessons allow you to:

  • teach basic, intermediate, then advanced skills,
  • assist your child to learn basic literary terms and types of writing,
  • model an effective writing environment,
  • focus on attainable skill-building at a reasonable rate of speed,
  • make writing fun,
  • increase the strength of your child’s imagination,
  • augment your child’s confidence to write.

We’ve brought decades of teaching experience and curriculum design into this project.  Real-life parents have tested the lessons and assisted us in creating engaging, enriching lessons with the following user-friendly structure.

  • Focus of Lesson
  • Materials Needed
  • Sample Writing
  • Explore the Story (or Poem, etc.) with your child
  • Directions for Writing
  • Read the Story (or Poem, etc.) … Out Loud
  • Assessment
  • Related Lessons

Please join us in creating Fearless Writers of every age!