How the Process Works

The purpose of Fearless Writing is to give parents and educators the resources they need to assist students in grades 3-12 to build creative writing skills.  We specialize in the use of wholesome resources in proven educator-based methodologies.

Our course modules are arranged by grade levels, such as Grades 3-4.  Each module contains eight (8) lessons containing steps from pre-writing to suggestions for revision after the lesson is completed.

The modules are constructed to build a student’s skills in a specific order.  Therefore, it is important to work through the lessons in the order given.

Each student should keep a Discovery Journal to accompany him/her through the lessons. This is a blank journal or booklet that is used by the student to record vocabulary words and other specific items as the lessons are worked.

Each module can be subscribed to by one (1) user for the duration of ten (10) weeks.

For all inquiries related to the topics or lessons please contact