How VIDL Works

The purpose of the VIDL Network is to combine on-line module training sessions with the execution of real-data based projects so as to reinforce the learning goals. Our main goal is to inform on what ‘a science’ can do, how is it used and the why.

The VIDL-user has options on how to navigate the VIDL Network web site. There are course modules that cover various topics: introduction to techniques, specific data enhancement operators or tools, etc. There are projects that can consist of a bundle of essential modules, structural modeling, qualitative interpretation of multiple datasets, etc.

Each Module separately can be subscribed by one user for the duration of two (2) months.

Each Project separately can be subscribed to by one user for the duration of four (4) months. There are module prerequisites for the projects. There are several projects that require a level of expertise. Inquire with VIDL Support to determine the level of expertise needed.