Grades 3-4, Nonfiction

Grades 3-4, Nonfiction


Fearless Writing introduces and engages students in the nonfictional world of practical texts that function well based on clarity and logical organization.

Our introductory lesson invites students to write their own lists using details as well as research or prior knowledge.  Then students learn to pump up the power of their writing using the key strategy of giving directions with strong imperative verbs. Next, your child will read examples of a formal letter, a friendly letter, and a thank you note, then write unique versions of his/her own while observing the conventions of each different type of letter.  Writing a biography and an autobiography will ignite your child’s curiosity and imagination while increasing the soft skills of empathy and observation.

Fearless Writers of Nonfiction will not forget that writing is fun!  Joy in the creative process will foster your child’s continued commitment to be a Fearless Writer.


Grades 3-4, Nonfiction Lesson Plans include:

  1. Writing Using Directions
  2. Writing Using a List
  3. Writing  Using Imperative Verbs
  4. Writing a Formal Letter
  5. Writing a Friendly Letter
  6. Writing a Thank You Note
  7. Writing a Biography
  8. Writing an Autobiography


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