Grades 5-6, Fiction Writing

Grades 5-6, Fiction Writing


Fearless Writing introduces and engages students in the fictional world of imaginary people and places.  Children easily slip into the made-up world of story with just a few lessons in writing skills for fiction.

Our introductory lesson invites students to write their own stories using the accessible mechanism of dialogue. Then students learn to pump up the power of their stories using foreshadowing. Next, your child will read examples of a story based on a proverb and consider the use of the “Rule of Three” in fairy tales, and other traditional stories. The use of details from the five senses will enable students to write with immediacy and effectiveness in unique versions of his/her own stories.  Writing from other points of view will ignite your child’s imagination and increase the soft skills of empathy and communication. Learning the skill of using strong action verbs will round out your child’s confidence in writing fictional stories that are believable and fascinating.

Fearless Writers of Fiction will not forget that writing is fun!  Joy in the creative process will foster your child’s continued commitment to be a Fearless Writer.


Grades 5-6, Fiction Lesson Plans include:

  1. Writing with Dialogue
  2. Writing Using Foreshadowing
  3. Using a Story to Illustrate a Proverb
  4. Writing Using the Rule of Three
  5. Using Sensory Details to Make Your Writing Come Alive
  6. The Power of Symbol
  7. Writing Using Point of View (POV)
  8. Using Strong Verbs to Enliven Your Story


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