Grades 5-6, Nonfiction

Grades 5-6, Nonfiction


Fearless Writing – Nonfiction

Fearless Writing introduces and engages students in the nonfictional writing world of practical texts that function effectively based on clarity and logical organization.

Our introductory lesson invites students to write a biography based on simple research and a chronological timeline.  Then students build on an understanding of chronological timelines by organizing details from their own lives into a travelogue.   Next, your child will reinforce his or her knowledge about the structure and tone of a formal letter, then write a unique version of while observing standard formatting conventions.  The next two lessons allow a student to understand the difference between informational writing based on pure facts, and a nature journal entry which relies on the author’s unique point of view and observations. Writing a recipe will ignite your child’s imagination while also increasing awareness of imperative verbs.  Writing a descriptive vignette will awaken a child’s awareness of concrete sensory details to focus on a particular incident or object.  Finally, a persuasive essay will intersect a student’s abilities with sensory details, observation of facts, and connotative adjectives.

Fearless Writers of Nonfiction will not forget that writing is fun!  Joy in the creative process will foster your child’s continued commitment to be a Fearless Writer.


Grades 5-6, Nonfiction Lesson Plans include:

  1. Writing a Biography
  2. Writing a Travelogue
  3. Writing a Formal Letter
  4. Informational Writing
  5. Writing a Nature Journal Entry
  6. Writing a Recipe
  7. Writing a Descriptive Vignette
  8. Writing Persuasive Nonfiction


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