Grades 5-6, Sacred Writing

Grades 5-6, Sacred Writing


Fearless Writing introduces and engages students in various literary forms and techniques used in Sacred Writing, while also preserving a strong adherence to the Christian message conveyed by the texts and spiritual examples.

Our introductory lesson invites students to imagine participation in a dialogue based on the spiritual message of a Scriptural passage.   Then students learn to pump up the power of their writing using strong verbs which are reinforced by chronological ordering in the next lesson. Then, your child will read a persuasive writing example from the Wisdom tradition of the Old Testament. Exploring a familiar Scriptural story from a different point of view will add to a student’s spiritual understanding. Metaphor and simile are often used in Sacred Writing and the following lessons honor this usage with encouragement for your child to invent his/her own figurative language to write his/her insights about God.  The final lesson on use of symbol will invigorate your child to write his/her own parable.

Fearless Writers of Sacred Writing will not forget that writing is fun!  Joy in the creative process will foster your child’s continued commitment to be a Fearless Writer.


Grades 5-6, Sacred Lesson Plans include:

  1. Writing using Dialogue
  2. Writing with Strong Verbs
  3. Writing Using Chronological Order
  4. Writing Using Persuasion
  5. Writing through Someone Else’s Eyes (Point of View)
  6. Writing Using Sensory Details
  7. Writing Using Similes
  8. Writing using Symbol


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