Grades 9-10, Spiritual

Grades 9-10, Spiritual


Fearless Writing – Sacred Writing

Grades 9-10

 Fearless Writing introduces and engages students in the various literary forms used in Sacred Writing, while also preserving a strong adherence to the Christian message conveyed by the Sacred texts and spiritual examples.

Our introductory lesson invites students to explore the world of metaphors that convey a specific meaning through both concrete and imaginative examples. Then, students learn to elevate their spiritual writing using additional examples of Sacred texts to reflect as they write individualized prayers, epistles, and didactic lessons. Exploring scripture meditatively will provide a new perspective and add to a student’s spiritual understanding. Metaphor and figurative language are often used in Sacred Writing, and the following lessons honor this usage with encouragement for your child to invent his/her own figurative language and write his/her insights about God. The final lesson on use of figurative language will inspire your child to write his/her own sacred poetry.

Fearless Writers of Sacred Writing will not forget that sacred writing is rewarding! Joy in the creative process, within the context of a soul’s reaching toward God, will foster your child’s continued commitment to be a Fearless Writer.


Grades 9-10, Spiritual Lesson Plans include:

  1. Reaching for God in the Language of Humans
  2. Didactic Purpose and Method
  3. Writing an Epistle
  4. Giving Glory to God
  5. Writing About Sacred Art in Your Church
  6. Writing a Prayer
  7. Using Figurative Language to See into the Heart of Things
  8. Devotion and Figurative Language


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